How do I get <drupal-media> to appear?

I want to show some data using how I can achieve this.

There are two main reasons why you might not be seeing the <drupal-media> element appear in your Drupal site:

1. Configuration:

  • Enable Media Module: First, ensure the core “Media” module is enabled at /admin/modules.
  • CKEditor Text Filter: The <drupal-media> element typically relies on the CKEditor text filter to function. Navigate to /admin/config/content/formats and verify the CKEditor text filter is enabled for the content type where you want the media to appear.
  • Theme Support: In rare cases, your theme might not be applying the necessary text filters. Check your theme documentation or consider switching to a different theme temporarily to isolate the issue.

2. Content Creation:

  • Media Upload: Have you uploaded any media items (images, videos, etc.) using the Media functionality? <drupal-media> won’t render if there’s no media associated with the content.
  • Entity Reference Field: Make sure the content type you’re editing has a field that allows referencing media items. This field should be configured to display the “rendered file” in the “Manage Display” settings.